Airport Outfits Ideas

Airport Outfits Ideas

What do I wear to the airport? Is a question our customers often ask. The length of the flight and the destination all play a factor into your decision making. You may need outfits that can take you from plane to table, to a business meeting, or  directly to paradise. Here at Thicc and Curvee Boutique we believe you can be comfortable and look polished. Isn't it great that you can feel like your wearing pajamas while looking refined? We have curated comfy and chic airport outfits below. 

Sunshine Destination Looks 

Our Ocean Boulevard Jogger Set will keep you cozy and comfortable on your next flight and beyond. The gorgeous color will match the vibe of your destination. Layer our "Not Your Basic T-Shirt" under the sweatshirt so you can layer or delayer as needed during your travel. 

Plane to Table Outfits 

Sometimes you will leave the plane and head directly to dinner. The outfits below are great options for dinner or cocktail. The model on the left is wearing our Think Pink Blazer. The model on the right is wearing our Strawberry Dress

Plane to Table Outfits

A Luxe Poncho  

Poncho Collection by Thicc and Curvee Boutique

A luxe poncho instantly elevates any look. Ponchos add style, serve as an additional layer or blanket. Ponchos are packable and light weight. It's an essential wardrobe item to keep cozy throughout your trip. Ponchos are especially helpful traveling to a destination with fluctuating temperature. Ponchos are also handy when traveling from a cold climate to a hot climate. It's an easy way to delayer or add a layer of warmth. Roll your poncho and use it as a pillow during your flight.  

Bohemian Travelers

We also love a glamorous flowy airport outfit. Certain airports and destination require an elevated look. If you are flying from or into Zurich, Singapore, Dubai, or South Korea, I recommend looking polished. You never know who you'll meet in the airport lounge or in your cabin. The model on the left is wearing our Boho Goddess Chiffon Dress. The model on the right is wearing our Back to Back Jumpsuit


Athleisure Style

An all black jogger set gives you a level of freedom as you travel. This low keep casual outfit is great for longer trips. You won't have to worry about spills or sweat stains. Check out our Official Noir Jogger set here. Bon voyage!


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