Fall Fashion Trends 2021

Fall Fashion Trends 2021

Fall calls for fresh fashion. It's time to tuck away your summer brights and replace your summer wardrobe with fierce fall fashion. During uncertain times we have to focus on the areas of our life that are predictable. We may not be able to control mask mandates but we can chose to be stylish. 


Glow & Flow

Pretty Pleats

Our Pretty Pleats dress is a versatile option for you. It's a great choice for outdoor events, vacations, or brunch. The neckline, pleated skirt, and fit will elevate your style. This dress is especially eye-catching while in motion. It's this season's must-have item. 

The Empress Jumpsuit

The Empress Jumpsuit is celebration-ready. The jumpsuit is available in several vibrant colors. Find the color(s) that suit your vibe or the occasion. 

 Back to Back Jumpsuit


Remote Work Wardrobe

What we love about remote work is that that people typically only see your top half. Your hair, face, and top are the focus. Your top half can look super polished and no one would know that you are barefoot. You can look well groomed, put together, and remain comfortable. 

Dionne Dress

Our Dionne dress is sophisticated and feminine. This dress is sleek and flirty which makes it ideal for work or play. Wear it with confidence.

The Yin and Yang Dress

The Yin and Yang dress is slimming and sophisticated. The polka dot print creates a retro vibe. It's a must-have for this season. It's a transitional dress that is perfect for both spring and summer. Wear it to work or on date nights. This is the new bodycon.

Giuseppina Double Breasted Blazer

The Giuseppina Double Breasted Blazer transitions from the office to after hours meet-ups. You can dress it up by wearing heels or dress it down with jeans. 


Feminine Florals

                                                            Green Gables

Our Green Gables Dress is perfect for a garden party, brunch, or for your next casual event. Dress it up or down with your favorite shoes and accessories.

 Show Me Shoulders Dress


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